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Stacy Who?!?

Free Spirit, Soul Sister, Healer, Nonconformist, Eccentric, Extra Terrestrial, call her what you want but Stacy Lyons is a person you want to meet.  Where does one begin with the Laundry List of exciting and enticing stories, journeys, spiritual awakenings, wellness cleanses, encounters, travels that all have guided Stacy to the current being she is.  The bad news is that this "About" could be turned into a novel with all of the details that enquiring minds want to know, the GOOD news, is that there actually is a Novel that will be released on 11/11/2020, which totals to 8. As a slight inkling of who Stacy is, YES, numbers matter-they are a part of the journey, and YES, you will be kept on the edge of your seat, when reading her novel, book, brief version of life existence(more books will follow).   Since this book isn't JUST about another girl finding her way, more so about the importance of the journey and how it's all relative to becoming your TRUE soul, to be able to be in this moment with a  purposeful existence, to truly feel happiness and how to obtain it every hour of every day, and to let that energy flow into other beings.  

Stacy Marie Lyons has a multitude of achievements under her belt, with her Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from Chico State University, California, Actress, Comedian, Real Estate Broker, Yoga Instructor, Reiki and Craniosacral Practitioner, all the way to Plant Medicine Woman, she exudes versatility (and also gets bored easily). Not only is she hands on—her personal experience has a broad span to not only empathize but motivate those around her.  This is her first book of many so enjoy and stay tuned for the next journey.  I can confidently say that Ms. Lyons is the next biggest author in the book world!


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