"If this book makes you laugh and cry simultaneously, then that’s all I could ever wish for as an author. Because that’s life. Happy and sad. Up and down. Back and forth. Yin and Yang. I believe our souls incarnate here to experience all of this—good and bad are only subjective because our human brains label everything so. I invite you to escape your own mind for a while and venture into my crazy one full of a multitude of life experiences that include my wellness journey. I hope this book is an easy read and that you find it enjoyable. It’s obviously, hence the title, divided into increments of stand-alone stories because whom the hell has the time, discipline, or patience to read (or WRITE) a whole big-ass story? Not me.

Read at your own pace and open at your own risk."  -Stacy Marie Lyons(author, Wellness Facilitator, comedian, etc.  

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