Stacy has been an advocate of plant medicine from an early age, switching to a plant-based diet as a teenager, and studying herbs and supplements to deal with her own challenges. In University she studied psychology and nutrition and she began to veer away from traditional American medicine having always inherently known that there was a better way. 


A deep desire to understand her Physician fathers’ abrupt death as a result of a heart attack led Stacy to seek spiritual practices and go back to school again. She spent many years in various yoga therapy trainings, holistic nutrition courses, and also acquired craniosacral therapy and reiki certifications. She brings all of this to the Cleanse, if you’d like to add on private yoga, craniosacral/Reiki sessions.


On a solo adventure in Peru, and again in South Africa, she fortuitously found herself experiencing the powerful combination of cleansing and plant medicines she'd never even heard of our sought out...and her life was forever changed! 

Today, Stacy is honoured to be serving sacred medicine as part of her path in assisting humanity in raising the consciousness of the planet. Stacy guides people through suffering and demonstrates the power of laughter and humour in the healing process as she reminds people to believe in themselves and gain a deeper understanding of their being above and beyond the five human senses.

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“Seeing your greatness; helping you achieve your highest potential.”


Rhoda is an extraordinary woman! Energetic work has always been a part of her life and she has mastered the ability to work, play and operate in different realities and dimensions whilst being present in this reality. This ability enables her to tap into her client’s highest potential. In other words, Rhoda see’s your greatness.


From childhood, flushes and cleanses were always part of Rhoda’s life. In fact, they saved her life and helped her realize that flushes and cleanses really speak to the cells in the body. Following a deep, deep inner journey over 30 years ago, Rhoda subsequently developed an intimate relationship with plant medicines as she realized that they are more than just our friends and teachers--their consciousness knows exactly what we need and what to give us.

Rhoda’s clients come from all over the world and she is often found working with people who desire a shift in frequencies and have a deep inner knowing that they are here to shift the world according to how they change and heal their lives.


Combining the flushes, cleanses and plant medicine, Rhoda develops a beautiful cleanse program and experience for you, so you can heal – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What makes these unique cleanse programs so powerful is that the moment you commit to the program, Rhoda is able to tap into information that gets shared at other levels. This means that you shift to higher frequencies that allow healing on all levels to occur within the physical body and the soul.