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From beginning to end this author, Stacy Marie Lyons, intention for this book guarantees to awaken your emotions, taking you on an incredible journey, and exemplifying a beautiful holistic approach to life. In “ Out of Order “ , Stacy Marie Lyons gives a perspective that will keep you captivated and on the edge of a cliff.  The imagery that is brought to life and playfulness with words in the dark moments will leave you wanting to read more. The issue with this book is that you can’t put it down! 

​The underlying focus is to shed light on mental illness, traumas, victories, lingering toxic relationships, to medicate or not – it helps open a door to the new realities we are facing in today’s complex society and how to push through these roadblocks in life and find your true self.  The Author has the ability to make you feel like you were in these instances with her, her vulnerability and honesty really make this an intriguing and credible journey. This book demonstrates that digging deep through the toughest times through life experiences, wellness journey, cleanses and all other experiences life, can produce total joy and can assist you to turn lemons into the best lemonade you ever dreamed of !!!